Fair Wear

Fair Wear Foundation is an international multi-stakeholder initiative for good working conditions in the textile sector, founded in 1999.

The multi-stakeholder initiative works together with the sector to improve working conditions throughout the chain. Only the most progressive companies are allowed to indicate their membership of the Fair Wear Foundation on their products. The Fair Wear label is a recognition for the companies / brands that are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. It is not a product label.

Fair Wear Foundation is a social multi-stakeholder initiative. The multi-stakeholder initiative aims to promote the following good practices in textile processing: free choice of labor, a ban on discrimination, child labor or exploitation, the right to trade union freedom and collective consultation, safe and hygienic working conditions and finally also legally binding employment contracts.

They also promote the payment of proper wages and prohibit excessively long working days. Wages and hours of work must at least meet national legal requirements or industry standards, should these exceed national legal requirements.

Fair Wear Foundation verifies to what extent a brand meets the imposed criteria. They work with companies to monitor and improve working conditions in the sector. Only companies that monitor 90% of their suppliers and achieve a “performance score” of 75% are allowed to use the Fair Wear Foundation logo. The label does not guarantee that all products are made in accordance with these principles.

Fair Wear Foundation works with progressive criteria, asking each year to check more suppliers and achieve a higher performance score. Every year, the multi-stakeholder initiative checks the progress of the companies. These progress reports are public and can be viewed on the website. In this way, consumers can get an idea of ​​how the supplier respects the social criteria.