About us

Piña is a textile line that makes designs on T-shirts as honest and clean as possible to spread more awareness and knowledge worldwide. Symbols and texts printed ecologically aim to raise awareness of many different topics that are very important to change on our planet right now. Both for future generations and for the Earth itself.

The earth has a lot of misery, misery and dishonesty, both towards nature, animals and people, and that is unnecessary. It doesn't have to be that way .... We, the humans, are the ones who decide how we want to see and treat the world and both the power and the choice rest with us.

Pina uses T-shirts that are made from 100% recycled materials!

60% is recycled plastic ocean waste and 40% is recycled cotton and polyester. The materials

are shredded and reprocessed into soft cotton fibers, which is how the Piña T-shirts are created! Our products are produced honestly and ecologically. Our T-shirts are labeled with the Fair wear label. These labels mark healthy, safe and fair living and working conditions for the producers.

Use your special mind, think for yourself, gain knowledge and together we change the world, step by step. WE are the ones who can change the world.

It's up to us: Use your voice, use your freedom, wear your Piña T-shirt and spread awareness. Time for change!

Piña only spreads love! Love 'Bombs' everywhere.